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“I am so proud of the team that we have, the work that they do and the fact that they are ground-breakers when it comes to women’s hormone health care.”

Kavita Kent

Kavita Kent began her career in healthcare in 2011 when she founded Balance Medical Center, an integrative medical center providing holistic, personalized health care. When she had the opportunity to meet Dr. Dhawan and Dr. Pawa in 2014, an instant mutual respect and admiration was formed. Together they discussed a vision for providing excellence in women’s hormone health and laid the framework for a new future of healthcare delivery. A graduate of McMaster University in Business and Economics, Kavita began her career in finance and investment management. As the Director of Operations at a high net worth investment management firm, Kavita quickly learned the intricacies and challenges of running a business. She is passionate about providing her physicians with the opportunity to do what they do best – heal, help, educate and inspire.

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